Claremorris Open Exhibition

The whole school travelled to C.O.E. (Claremorris Open Exhibition).
We were delighted to be able to participate in an art workshop with the artist in residence Lisa Fahy.
We also enjoyed a visit to the local playground.IMG_20150924_121457157



Safe Cycling!

On the 5th of June we had our safe cycling day! It was a great success as well as being great fun. We feel the knowledge we gained will make us much safer road users in the future.Many thanks to all cycling 1safe cycling 2

School Tour- 10 th June 1915

Our school tour this year was to the Hodson Bay, Athlone.

It was a beautiful, sunny day which was important as we spent the whole day outside, engaging in activities like kayaking, rafting, fire-building, quad bike racing, pier jumping and much more!

A trip to the floating, inflatable castles and slides out on the lake ended a wonderful day.

The bus was full of exhausted but happy children on the way home!school tour 1school tour 4school tour 5school tour 2school tour 7school tour 6

Trip to the Lake!

On the 17 th of June we were very lucky to be invited to the beautiful home of Paul and Mary Miller. Paul and Mary live on the edge of Lough Corrib and were keen to share their love of the lake and the local environment with the children.

We were fortunate to have such welcoming and knowledgeable hosts. They were assisted by Philip and Mary White who also spend lots of time on the lake and so obviously love and care for the lake and it’s surroundings.

We were split into three groups. One group was taught how to fly fish. The second group went on a nature walk and the third group went pond-dipping, in a pond located on the edge of the lake.

The groups were then rotated so that each child got to take part in each activity.

Beautiful refreshments were provided by the hosts, and also by Catherine Murphy and Angela Murphy.

Eating outside in such a stunning place was amazing!

We must also thank parents Caroline Cullen,Chris Chapman, Tom Bracken,Catherine Murphy, Declan Mannion and Benny Lee who provided transport and supervision on the day.

We had a fantastic time identifying all manner of floating,swimming, crawling, hopping and running creatures . Searching for rare orchids and other interesting plants was also great fun.Learning how to fly-fish is a skill many of us intend using in the future!

It was an exceptional day and one we will remember for a very long time. Many, many thanks to Mary and Paul for allowing us to visit their beautiful property.

Thanks to them and also to Philip and Mary White for teaching us so much and making us so welcome,

We have been given a new appreciation for this unique area in which we live!lake 1lake 7lake 5lake 2lake 4