Past Pupil Profiles

Emer Joyce , Loggawannia.


Emer Joyce

Consultant Cardiologist, Associate Physician in Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplantation, Brigham and Womens Hospital Boston MA and Cleveland Clinic, Ohio.

Emers testimonial …
The solid foundation provided to me by the individualized attention and focus achievable in an intimate school setting, alongside a close-knit non-intimatidating social environment with friendships across classes was a key factor in my subsequent academic, career and life success ..

“Learning French at Clydagh National School was a huge benefit going into First Year.”
Current Presentation College Headford Student

“A convivial atmosphere in the classroom due to smaller numbers.”
Current Presentation College Headford Student No. 2

“The teachers really took the time to make sure everyone was doing well.”
Student No. 3

“More opportunities to get one-to-one learning.”
Current Parent No. 1

“We are proud that our children are the third generation of our family attending the school.”
Current Parent No. 2

“Our children have exceeded all our expectations.”
Current Parent No. 3



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